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Yavapai HOG Photo Gallery

While the Yavapai HOG group is out "Riding and Having Fun," we occasionally capture the moment for posterity (unless it might get us in trouble!). Check out the photo galleries here by clicking on the link.

Yavapai HOG Photo Gallery

Event Description Event Date
Birds on Bikes: The Yavapai HOG annual Birds on Bikes ride was conducted under beautiful blue skies with a great group of HOGs as well as some welcome additional riders, all of whom wanted to donate their time, food, and cash to the Yavapai County Food Bank. Thanks to all. November 20, 2021
Thursday Ride to New River: The group had a nice ride down the freeway to the RoadRunner Bar & Saloon in New River. Great location for a Thursday, not much traffic and good food as usual. November 18, 2021
Nothing to Nowhere Ride: We enjoyed this off-beat ride from the official Nothing, AZ to the less-official Nowhere, AZ. On this beautiful November day, we started with a ride down the Bagdad Highway to Copper Country for lunch, then up to Nothing, and finally to Nowhere. November 13, 2021
Veteran's Honorary Ride to Anthem: The Yavapai HOGs rode to the Veterans Memorial in Anthem to see the Solar Spotlight light the Great Seal of the United States at 11:11 on 11/11. This ride Honored our Veterans, both wihtin YHOG and all Vets nationwide. We stopped at Chileen's on 17 for lunch on our return, where our veterans ate for free. November 11, 2021
Thursday Ride to Cave Creek: This trip down the hill found us lunching at Mountain View Bar, where we sat outside on the patio in 85 degree weather with gorgeous views and great company of HOG riders. It almost doesn't get any better than this! Novemberr 4, 2021
Thursday Ride to Wickenburg: We had temperatures in the 70s and 80s for this fall ride to Hassayampa Barbeque in Wickenburg. With 18 of us invading, we weren't sure if they could handle us, but we all were seated, fed, and happy. Great ride, with a stop at the MountainAire in Peeple's Valley on our way back to Prescott. October 28, 2021
Tortilla Flat Ride: Autumn is a great time to ride into the valley, so we took advantage and visited Tortilla Flat. This is a bit of a departure from our normal rides, as we split our time between freeway and two-lane highways. Tortilla Flat Restaurant never fails to satisfy. October 23, 2021
Route 66/Lake Havasu Ride: This overnight ride followed the longest continuous section of Old Historic Route 66 in the country, from Ash Fork to Topock, AZ. With stops in Seligman, Hackberry, Kingman, Oatman, and finally Lake Havasu, the group experienced and saw much of the route taken by the Dust Bowl migrants of the Great Depression, and subsequently the automobile renaissance of the 1950s and 60s. We "got our kicks on Route 66!" October 16-17, 2021
Laughlin Ride: The group headed out on Monday for a windy ride to Laughlin. Though windy, the rain was forecast to hold off until overnight, which it did. Nobody got wet, but the temperatures in the 40s and 50s made sure all were dressed warmly. October 11-12, 2021
Thursday Ride to Cave Creek: The Yavapai HOGs rode down the hill to Cave Creek for lunch today at The Roadhouse, a favorite biker hangout with great burgers and fries! We completed the loop by returnng via Carefree Highway, through Wickenburg and Congress, then home on Skull Valley Rd. Great weather this time, with temps in the valley around 88 deg, and here in Prescott around 80. September 30, 2021

Grand Canyon/Petrified Forest Ride: The monsoon season is officially over on September 30, but Mother Nature was determined to help our drought situation as best possible before then, so we had quite the rains on Sunday. But, the YHOGs enjoyed a great Saturday, riding through Jerome, Sedona, Flagstaff, the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, and stopping at Wupatki National Monument before overnighting in Winslow with dinner at the Turquoise Room. We ended the ride on Saturday, and came home on Sunday to avoid riding in the predicted thunderstorms in the eastern part of Arizona. All-in-all it was a really nice ride on Saturday.

September 25-26, 2021
9/11 Memorial Ride: The Yavapai HOGs are always there to step up and pay tribute to our fallen. This 20th anniversary 9/11 we rode to Williams for lunch, then stopped at the 9/11 Memorial in Chino Valley on our return to remember those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001. We will never forget. September 11, 2021
Thursday Ride to Bagdad: While still a bit warm, we had a great ride to Bagdad today, with a return via the Joshua Tree Forest Parkway of Arizona! Great ride with some new members as well as old. A few of us stopped for a post-ride celebration as well. September 9, 2021
Ride to Tonto Natural Bridge: We had a great Saturday ride through the Pine Forest of Coconino County, to the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park. August 29, 2021
Thursday Ride to Seligman: The YHOGs invaded Seligman for lunch at Westside Lilo's this Thursday. Nice ride up old Route 66, and after lunch a few of us visited the Motorcycle Museum. August 26, 2021
Thursday Lunch Ride to Rock Springs Cafe: Finally, we have beautiful weather for a lunch ride. Our group met at Legends HD for a quick lunch ride down to Rock Springs Cafe in Black Canyon City. After enjoying a nearly-empty restaurant and good meal, we continued the loop south, past Lake Pleasant, Wickenburg, Congress, and back up to Prescott over Highway 89. August 19, 2021
Williams Breakfast Run: Another beautiful day for a YHOG ride. With an 8:00 KSU, we had nice 72 degree sunny weather to kick off our breakfast ride. Leaving early not only beats the heat, but gets us in before the storms as well. And a big shout out to a new member who joined on this ride! The Yavapai HOGS keep Riding and Having Fun. August 14, 2021
Seligman Breakfast Run: Finally, after rescheduling the afternoon ride to a breakfast run to avoid the monsoon storms, we had a great group of YHOGs riding (and eating) together again. Great ride, and we only had a few sprinkles. July 31, 2021
Bellemont/Williams Ride: We had a good group for this Thursday ride to our sister dealership in Bellemont. They were happy to help one of our members who was experiencing an issue with the water pump on their Ultra, so we appreciate the quick response at Grand Canyon H-D. We followed this visit with lunch in Williams, then made it home with only a few raindrops. July 1, 2021
2021 Poker Run: The 2021 Inaugural Poker Run was a great success. We had a great group of riders, temperatures were warm but not extreme, and all participants had a tour of beautiful Yavapai County as they collected their poker hands. Congratulations to Gary Bertsch for winning the Highest Hand and Mike Hinton, the winner of the Lowest Hand. June 26, 2021
Mormon Lake Ride: This was intended to be a ride to the Too Broke for Sturgis Rally at Mormon Lake Campground and Lodge. Instead, after polling the group, we decided to ride up the Mormon Lake Highway, but not stop at the rally. We were joined at lunch by our secretary, Vic. June 12, 2021
Devil's Highway Ride: The Yavapai HOGs rode to the Eastern Arizona's White Mountains to tackle the Devil's Highway (aka Route 666). We had 14 bikes, 21 people, and 2 chase cars on this epic ride. Everybody made it through the Devil's Highway, with over 120 miles and around 500 curves. Check out the photo gallery, and come join us for our next big adventure! June 4-6, 2021
Pine Ride: The weather cooperated, giving us a warm start riding through Camp Verde into the cool Ponderosa Pine forest on 260 into Pine. With several new members and several "old" members, we all rode together in near-perfect form all the way to Pine. Great ride, great food, and great friends. May 29, 2021
Wickenburg Ride: This ride was originally scheduled for Winslow, but the forecast for 50mph wind gusts to our north, especially on the Mogollan Rim, encouraged us to change this to a southern ride to Wickenburg. We had a recommendation for a new lunch spot, so we all rode down the hill to check it out. May 22, 2021
David Owens Memorial Ride: David Owens was a beloved YHOG member whom we lost too soon in 2019. This is the third annual Memorial Ride, held each year on David's birthday, May 17. We rode David's favorite ride to Bagdad, with an excellent lunch at Coppper Country Bar & Grill. The group split up on the ride home, with half going back as we came, via Bagdad Highway, while the other half took the Joshua Forest Parkway of AZ back through Congress. Though we encountered some fresh oil, nobody was deterred, and we had a great time. May 17, 2021
Cave Creek Thursday Ride: New member John A joined us on this Thursday ride to Cave Creek. Rather than the regular Roadhouse, we followed a recommendation for Mountain View Pub, just down the street from Roadhouse. Great food and great views! May 13, 2021
Ash Fork (aka Seligman) Ride: We had a small group (just 2 of us for this Thursday ride), so rather than stopping in Ash Fork as originally planned, we decided to continue on to Seligman along the iconic Route 66. May 6, 2021
So AZ Historical LDT: Our first long-distance trip of the season to Southern Arizona was amazing. We had a great group of riders, and were joined by a HOG member from the Tucson chapter to lead us to some less well-known locations and provide historical background on many of the sights. April 30 through
May 2, 2021
Seligman Ride: We had a small group head up to the historic Route 66 town of Seligman for lunch at Westside Lilos. Apparently home to some awesome carrot cake! April 17, 2021
Bagdad Thursday Ride (aka Tax Day Ride): We had a great day riding to Bagdad's Copper Country Bar & Grill for lunch. Nine bikes on this Thursday ride! April 15, 2021
Cave Creek Scenic Thursday Ride: The day was beautiful, the group of 10 people was great, and the food at The Roadhouse was excellent as usual. Following lunch at Cave Creek, some of the group split off and returned home via the freeway, while the rest of the group continued to Hwy 87 (aka the Beeline Highway), up to Payson through the gorgeous Mazatzal Mountains past 4-peaks, then home via Hwy 260. Great day ride, enjoyed by all. April 1, 2021
Congress Thursday Ride: We had a small group (2 of us) brave the winds (45mph) and the temps (45 degrees) to ride to Nichol's West for lunch. March 25, 2021
Lake Pleasant Ride: Lunch on the floating restaurant at Scorpion Bay Marina at Lake Pleasant was a real treat. Beautiful 80 degree weather was enjoyed by this group of YHOGs. March 20, 2021
Yarnell Thursday Ride: A small group enjoyed a lunch ride to Yarnell. March 18, 2021
March 2021 Chapter Meeting: We've captured a few of our fine officers and members at the chapter meeting. We also had a Ride Planner/BoomBox GPS class for our members. March 6, 2021
Tortilla Flat Ride: What started out as a chilly ride in Prescott turned into a beautiful day on this ride to Tortilla Flat near Apache Junction. The group met at Legends HD, rode down into the valley stopping first at the Goldfield Ghost Town and Mine for a very interesting mine tour (check out the photo with the "honey pot." This was followed by lunch at the Tortiolla Flat Saloon, then a return via Superstition Harley-Davidson. February 20, 2021
Yarnell Day Ride: Originally planned as a Wickenburg ride, the group decided on a shorter lunch run to Yarnell due to impending weather moving into Prescott in the afternoon. We had a nice day, with a bit of wind, but otherwise beautiful sun and great lunch at the Yarnell Family Diner. February 13, 2021
Yuma, AZ: Not a HOG ride, but a few members ended up going to Yuma for the weekend. This was originally the date for the multi-chapter HOG rally which was cancelled due to limitations on gathering size. It was a beautiful weekend to check out some of the attractions in Yuma! January 16-18, 2021
Bagdad Ride: A few members had a great ride to Bagdad for lunch. Looks like all are having fun on a beautiful sunny January day. January 14, 2021

January 2021 Chapter Meeting: We've captured a few of our fine officers and members at the chapter meeting.

January 9, 2021
Legends Loop Ride: A few HOGs decided to ride the loop through Cottonwood, stopping at HOG Wild BBQ for lunch (appropriate??). December 5, 2020
Congress Lunch Run: We had a great ride to Congress in the 40 degree sun! December 3, 2020



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