Road Warriors

Road Warrior Program

An active Chapter is a successful Chapter. With that in mind, we want to promote and recognize participation in Chapter events by establishing a patch program as a way to thank those members that are active with the Chapter.

How the program works:

  • Just about everything we do together as a Chapter will be worth points.
  • The first time you reach the 1500 point mark, you will receive a Road Warrior Patch and current year rocker.
  • Each subsequent year that you reach the 1500 point threshold, you will receive a rocker to place below your patch.
  • You will only be awarded points if your name is on the sign-in sheet for the event. It’s up to you to sign in each time.
  • We want this to be simple and fun.

The Chapter’s Assistant Director is responsible for administering the program, and keeping the official tally of points. Questions regarding your personal points or questions about this program should be directed to the Assistant Director. Should discrepancies arise, the collective group of officers will provide final guidance.

Each year, the Road Warrior Program will be re-evaluated by a committee consisting of the existing Assistant Director, the newly elected Assistant Director, and volunteers from the membership. It is intended that any changes to the points system will be presented to the officers and made effective on January 1 of the New Year.

This program is intended to promote riding your motorcycle and having fun as a chapter!

Let’s Ride and Have Fun!!

Table of Activities and the corresponding points:
Points Activity

Organize and Lead a Chapter Ride

• Points are awarded to any member who, working with a recognized Road Captain, organizes a complete ride.
• Points will also be awarded to the Road Captain who leads the ride, if different from the organizer.
• Additional organizers and/or Road Captains must have pre-approval prior to posting the event to receive points.
• The organizing member must ride the ride (as rider or passenger) but not necessarily lead the ride.

Ride a Chapter Ride

• Points are awarded to any member who rides a Chapter ride to completion or reasonable approximation of completion.
• A ride not completed due to mechanical breakdown is still considered to have been finished.
• These points are awarded only if the ride is completed on a motorcycle.

Meet the Chapter at the destination of a ride.

• Must sign in and participate at the destination.

Chapter Bonus Points

• All participants of any Chapter Ride with 40+ members in attendance will receive this bonus.

Complete a MSF Safety Course, CPR Course or First Aid Course

• Provide proof of completion of each course to receive these points.

State/National HOG Rally

• Provide proof of attendance to receive these points:
• • Photograph of you and your bike in front of the ABC’s of Touring or Official HOG Rally banner at the rally.
• • Registration materials received on-site at the rally with your name included on the materials.

Progressive Dinner Run

• Host a stop on a Progressive Dinner Run to receive these points.
• Points will be issued for co-hosts only with prior approval.
• Members providing assistance will be awarded points as a volunteer.

Serve as a Chapter Officer

• Includes all elected or Dealer appointed positions.

Attend a Chapter non-riding event

• Event must be Chapter sponsored
• Open to all members
• On the calendar
• A sign-up sheet is required
• Event must follow all National HOG rules
• Examples: picnics, BBQs, potlucks, movie nights, Chapter events held at the Dealership

This must be a Chapter-sponsored event to qualify.


Host a Chapter sponsored non-riding event

(as defined above)

• These points are awarded to the member organizing and hosting the event
• All National HOG rules must apply including no alcohol
• The host will supply a sign-in sheet for attendees
• Contributions by the attendees are considered participation not volunteering

Attend any open Chapter meeting

• Monthly General meeting
• Monthly Ladies of Harley (LOH) meeting
• Any other open, general meetings that may come up throughout the year

Volunteer and work any Dealership or Chapter-sponsored event

• Dealership event where Chapter support has been requested
• • Examples: Roadside Trash Pick-up, Hogs & Dogs, movie nights, managing registration for events, running the 50/50 game at events, etc
• Member attends another chapter’s meeting to market an event.
• • Must get pre-approval from the officers.

To receive points, members must be signed up in advance.


Recruit a new member

• The new member must indicate your name on their application for these points to be granted.

Serve on a Chapter committee

• Points are awarded once per committee per member
• Committees must be open to all members who wish to participate.
• Committees should be announced at the General Meeting and via the newsletter.
• Committees must be pre-approved by the officers before forming.
• • Examples are: Christmas Party or other special events
• It is assumed that by serving on the chapter committee you are also volunteering to work the event.

Chapter Dues paid by February General Meeting

• These points are awarded for prompt renewal of membership, not new members.


• Donate blood at any recognized Blood Donation Center, or at the Chapter sponsored blood donation event.
• • HOG Chapter 1271 must be on the donation receipt issued by the donation center.
• • Receipt or copy must be forwarded to Assistance Director to receive points
• • Maximum of 10 donations per year (500 points).
• • Donations beyond the ten are accepted and appreciated, but no additional points will be awarded.
• Other “substantial” donations will be considered on a case by case basis.

Submit and have published a newsletter article

• Article should meet all current guidelines set up by the editor for submission, as well as meeting the requirements of HOG National and subject to the Dealership’s approval.